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X-ray exams are often used for imaging the chest and bones. An X-ray exam is painless, fast and uses very low doses of radiation. It is the most frequently used form of medical imaging.

Before your exam…

No preparation is required for X-ray exams.

X-ray Services

Neck (soft tissue)
Cervical Spine (neck pain)Nasal bone (nose)
Thoracic Spine (upper back)
Orbits (eyes)
Lumbar Spine (lower back)
Mandible (jaw bone)
Collar bone

For X-ray services not listed here, please contact us


You will be asked to change into a patient gown for your exam.

During your exam, our X-ray technician will ask you to place your body in certain positions before the X-ray picture is taken.

It is important that you stay still when the X-ray picture is being taken, so that your picture will turn out clear and sharp.

Taking the actual X-ray picture takes a only few seconds. The entire procedure, including positioning, typically takes 10-15min.

If you are pregnant, do let our clinic staff know. Our doctor may suggest a different imaging method that does not use radiation, such as MRI or ultrasound.

Our clinic doctor will be available on-site to answer any questions you may have about the entire procedure.

Do contact us if you have any other enquiries.

Did You Know?

The discovery of X-rays was accidental. German physicist Wilhelm Roentgen (1845 – 1923) was studying the path of electricity and experimenting with a glass bulb that emits fluorescent light when a high voltage current is passed through it. He noticed that the beam turned a screen 9 feet away greenish fluorescent despite being shielded by heavy black cardboard. Roentgen correctly concluded that he was dealing with a new kind of ray, which he termed X-rays. To test his discover, Roentgen made an X-ray image of his wife Bertha’s hand, which showed the bones of her hand and a hefty ring.

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