X-ray Menu

X-ray Chest

Check your: lungs, heart

Good for: cough, chest pain, breathing difficulties, TB, lung cancer

X-ray Upper Limbs

Check your: finger, hand, elbow, shoulder

Good for: suspected fractures

X-ray Abdomen

Check for: intestinal blockage, gallstones, kidney or urinary stones

Good for: abdominal pain, vomiting, loin to
groin pain

X-ray Lower Limbs

Check your: hip, knee, ankle, foot, toe

Good for: suspected fractures

X-ray Pelvis

Good for: pelvic pain, injury to pelvic area, suspected fractures

X-ray Spine

Check your: upper, mid, and lower spine

Good for: neck and back pain, injury

X-ray Head

Check your: skull, face, sinuses
Good for: head / face injury