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Ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves to produce real-time images of the body. No X-rays or ionising radiation are used.

Before your exam…

Liver / Pancreas / Abdomen
No food & drink 6 hours before these ultrasound exams.

Urinary bladder / Pelvis / Prostate
A full bladder is required for the exam.
Drink 4-6 glasses of water 1 hour before your exam.

All other Ultrasound exams
No preparation is required for other ultrasound exams.

Do contact us if you have any questions about preparing for your exam

Ultrasound Services


Liver / Gall Bladder / Pancreas
Urinary bladder

Pelvis (Female)


Deep Vein Thrombosis

Lumps / Bumps on Body

For Ultrasound services not listed here, please contact us


You will be asked to change into a patient gown for your exam.

You will be lying on a couch during your exam. Our ultrasound technician will apply a water-based gel to your skin, over the area to be examined. This ultrasound gel helps transmit ultrasound waves into and out of your body.

A transducer will then be placed on your body, and moved back and forth over the area of interest until the required pictures are taken.

After the exam, the ultrasound gel will be cleaned off your skin. The gel does not stain or discolor clothing.

An ultrasound exam typically takes 20-30min on average.

Our clinic doctor will be available on-site to answer any questions you may have about the entire procedure.

Do contact us if you have any other enquiries.

Did You Know?

An ultrasound transducer is used to send sound waves through your body. These sound waves are at too high of a pitch for the human ear to hear.

The sound waves reflect off your organs, and are re-captured by the transducer to form the ultrasound picture.

Did You Know?

Ultrasound imaging is based on the same principles involved in the sonar used by bats, ships and dolphins.

When a sound wave strikes an object, it bounces back, or echoes. By measuring these echo waves, it is not only possible to determine how far away the object is, but also the object’s size, shape and consistency,
i.e. whether the object is solid or filled with fluid

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