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Do you have questions about your health? Quantum has the answers. Our specialists are obliged to give you the right answers and accurate diagnosis in an efficient manner to ensure your peace of mind.

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We are a one stop centre for diagnostic imaging and health screening services, offering convenience and solutions for your healthcare needs.

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We want to go the extra mile when possible, for all our patients. We want to provide you with a safe and comfortable environment around healthcare personnel whom you trust during your visit to our centre.

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All scans are performed by certified radiographers who have been modality trained in various public hospitals in Singapore. These scans are then carefully analysed and interpreted by our doctors who are specialists in diagnostic imaging. We believe that good quality images are vital to delivering accurate and meaningful results to our patients.

In October 2022, Dr Lee Su Ann, Director & Radiologist at Quantum Medical Imaging was conferred the Singapore Entrepreneur 100 Award by the Association of Trade & Commerce. This is a result of dedication, resiliency and hard work put in by the entire Quantum team. Thank you to those who have given us your endless support all these years. We will strive to be a better version of ourselves everyday and continue to serve the people in the spirit of humanity.

Our Dedicated Team

Our radiologists led team with proficient technologists account for a strong foundation in producing quality imaging, especially in the field of MRI. This ranges from image acquisition with ability to optimise and customise protocols, deploying fast scan techniques in certain group of patients without compromise of quality, to forming the right answers in a timely manner. We have trained hard for the past decade in our respective fields at various hospitals and hence, understand the business and industry. We hope that our unique team’s expertise and spirit of humanity will put you at ease and get you the results you want.
Sam Huang
Senior Radiographer
Zheng Shufen
Senior Radiographer
Sheila Aviles
Senior Radiographer/ Sonographer
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