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MRI uses a strong magnetic field to produce pictures of the body. No X-rays or ionising radiation is used. MRI pictures are clearer and more detailed than any other medical imaging method.

Before your exam…

Liver / Pancreas / MRCP
No food & drink 4 hours before these MRI exams

All other MRI exams
No preparation is required for other MRI exams

Do contact us if you have any questions about preparing for your exam

MRI Services

Brain MRA (blood vessels)
Pituitary Gland
Parotid GlandsMRCP (bile duct)
Paranasal Sinuses
Nasopharynx (nose)
Oral Cavity (mouth)
Pelvis (female)
Oropharynx (throat)
IAM (inner ear)
Orbits (eyes)
Neck (soft tissue)
Cervical Spine (neck pain)
Thoracic Spine (upper back)
Brachial Plexus
Lumbar Spine (lower back)
Sacroiliac Joints

For MRI exams not listed here, please contact us

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Metal objects cannot be brought into the MRI room, due to the scanner’s strong magnetic field.

Our clinic staff will check that you have no incompatible metal implants before proceeding . You will then be asked to change into a patient gown for your exam.

An MRI exam typically takes 30min on average. It is important that you hold still for the duration of the exam, so that your MRI pictures will turn out clear and sharp.

The MRI machine produces a buzzing sound when taking your pictures. Earphones will be provided to block out the sound. Our staff will remain in contact with you via intercom throughout the entire scan.

An injection may sometimes be needed to take more detailed images of certain organs or blood vessels.

Our clinic doctor will be available on-site to answer any questions you may have about the entire procedure.

Do contact us if you have any other enquiries.

Did You Know?

Hydrogen atoms make up two-thirds of the human body.

The bulk of these hydrogen atoms are found in fat and water molecules in our bodies.

Normally, the hydrogen protons in your body are randomly arranged. When you enter an MRI scanner, all the hydrogen atoms line up in the same direction as the scanner’s magnetic field.

The aligned hydrogen atoms give off a signal that the scanner uses to form detailed cross-sectional pictures of your internal organs and structures.

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