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Dementia - not just a memory thief


Dementia is diagnosed when a person’s thinking and memory capacity degrades to a point that it impacts daily living.

MR imaging of the penis

While ultrasound (US) remains the 1st line imaging modality for evaluating diseases of the penis, MRI has shown specific advantages, owing to excellent soft tissue contrast and good spatial resolution, ability to evaluate less accessible or complex anatomy and ability to detect subtle disease.

The Lead Apron – Can we make do without it?

The purpose of putting on a lead apron in radiology is to protect patients from unnecessary radiation exposure during an X-ray exam, especially to shield the reproductive organs (testicles and ovaries).

What dye?

Miss Siti, a 27-year-old lady was referred to our imaging centre for an MRI of her whole spine without contrast, having presented to her orthopaedic surgeon with a history of persistent mid back discomfort and tingling in her right hand for a few months.
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