For Clinicians

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Across the country and beyond, referring clinicians can rely on our convenient, seamless care coordination to deliver meaningful images and accurate interpretations that allow them to provide timely answers for their patients.Getting diagnostic imaging results quickly and easily improves your ability to deliver better care, while enhancing efficiencies in your daily workflow. We are here to work with you to find the solution that best suits your needs.

Image Viewing Portal and Archiving System

We provide an online viewing portal that routes your patients’ medical images and report directly to your login account in a secure manner.

This portal eliminates the hassle of managing films, CDs and multiple provider portal login information. The portal stores images and scanned documents digitally, replacing film archives and allows for remote access to results.

Our system utilises patented split-merge transmission to ensure full anonymisation during transmission of data, end-to-end encryption and runs on AWS Singapore with annual SOC 2 audit.

Clinic Management System

We are able to integrate our online portal and archive into your clinic management system, if it is vendor compatible. Referring clinicians can view images within a compatible CMS using a link created.

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